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#7135, "Takanuva", First Look
Posted by Richard on December 14, 2009 at 01:20 PM CST:

The packaging for the most part represents him well, though it does hide how his head is hunched forward with the av-toran style head.

Most of these parts have been used before, but the most interesting to me would be the axles with the stopper at the end, usually only used to make pistons in the larger sets. Perhaps they felt that the dark gray color was best suited to look like handles to his weapons? Whatever the reason, this gives makes Takanuva significantly more valuable to buy simply for MOCing.

It's been a long time since we got a nice new foot, and this one looks like a good MOC part too. Sockets fit snugly onto the plus peg on the back, while the underside has a plus hole to attach axles to, giving it some versatility, but not a lot compared to most other feet.

Here we have the chest armor, which fits perfectly onto his torso to help break up that gray coloring, and another gold variant of the same armor which attaches to Tahu to make him the "Golden BIONICLE®"

The construction is very simply, and thanks to the clear depiction on the cannister, you can probably build him without looking at the instructions. The shoulder armor does get in the way of the arm's articulation, which causes his arms to remain in a sort of outstretched position.

The lack of a gold mask or even gold shoulder armor like that of the original seems disappointing, but they probably made his armor white and his mask silver so they would not conflict with making Tahu the Golden BIONICLE, since Takanuva would already be gold colored himself. With that in mind, I would have preferred his mask also be white to match the shoulders, and give us an avohkii mask in a new color. I would have given him a single scythe for a weapon, and I think Vastus' scythe recolored to match Takanuva would have been the better choice. Overall, Takanuva is another good star set, and does resemble his old self somewhat. I cant say I would recommend him over any other star, and might suggest picking him up last, if at all. BZPower has their own Takanuva review up, complete with pictures of the original Takanuva, so take a look!

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