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MOC Spotlight Set Review: "Alexander Ultimate Runner"
Posted by Richard on August 30, 2011 at 08:52 PM CST:
Toa Yurikk: As my prize for winning the infinite build category of the Legend of the Brickonicle contest I got to pick a LEGO® set of around ten dollars. So, I decided to try out the Hero Recon maker. As a favor Imatron asked me to review it when it got here, so here goes.

I'm going to go ahead and do a pros and cons type review 'cause thats the only kind I'm good at.


*I get to design him myself. A pretty obvious plus.

*He looks awesome.

*Hes very flexible and easy to pose. The new Hero Factory body design gives him full Inika flexibility while still being half the size.

*He is a pretty decent price ($13) especially for a custom model. Editors note: After shipping and tax these guys can cost you around $20.00 USD each, but the exclusive armor can make this worth it for collectors, if you can order it before they're gone for good that is.

*The joints actually go together better than BIONICLE® ones.

*The fact that you can make your own character and buy them directly from The LEGO Company is just plain awesome.


*His back is really ugly. Its almost as if they forgot about it entirely.

*All of his armor pieces wiggle when posing him due to the new ball attachments for them.

*And his chest plate gets in the way of a lot of arm movements and keeps his head from turning all the way to either side.

*His pieces don't have enough connections on them making him virtually un-MOC-able except for recolors of the already existing heroes.

*The very limited color selection when designing a hero. I had to improvise by giving him light gray lower leg armor instead of white.

Other notes:

*He is also very tiny, which isn't a bad thing.

*The gray pieces I got aren't the same gray shown in the Hero Recon maker.

Thats about it. Overall I'd say hes a pretty good deal. Buying the normal Heroes from The LEGO Company gives you way more for your money but if you really want a custom character the Hero Recon maker is a good way to get one.

You can see Toa Yurikk's original review topic here on the forums. I did edit some of the text for readability, and to comply with The LEGO Company's fair use policies.

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