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 Wireless News

WAP enabled Bionicle collecting news! Mask Of Destiny is pleased to roll out an all-new level of service to the Bionicle collecting community: wireless news. Now fans with web-enabled cell phones can keep up to date with the latest Bionicle collecting news even when away from their computers. Simply call up the "" address with your Internet compatible phone and you'll be able to view our main page news one article at a time, starting with the latest. Fast, easy, and mobile.

What is "WAP"?
WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol which, like HTML, is a common "standardized" language used to display information on small devices such as cell phones.

Can my cell phone receive Mask Of Destiny news?
That depends on your phone and provider. Many of the popular Nokia phones, most every current SprintPCS phone, and a plethora of other cell phone manufacturers offer this nifty service. - an excellent source for WAP information - provides an abbreviated list of some WAP enabled devices right here.

What other WAP sites can I visit? offers a search engine dedicated to WAP sites - check it out.

I don't have a cell phone - can I see an example of what a WAP site looks like?
We highly recommend the cell phone emulator over at Free to try and very cool.

Moving our favorite hobby into the wireless realm is all part of our ongoing effort to bring our readership the best collecting site possible.

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